Do you have capacity, talent shortage, rising labor cost, scaling, and/or key person dependency issues? Yep, every business does and we’re here to help.

Why work with us

We are the strategic consulting partner of Emapta, a talent recruiting BPO provider in the Philippines, that will get you thinking differently about your business and help you build a Philippines based team of superstars, 100% dedicated to your company that will take your business to the next level.


Cost Savings

“By working with staff in the Philippines, we are able to reduce our operating costs while adding resources to more effectively manage the growth of our business.”


Streamlined Vendor Approval and Efficient Onboarding

“While some companies may have experienced turbulence while onboarding a new client in the midst of a pandemic, it was smooth sailing with Emapta. They were very communicative, and we didn’t experience any disruption in coverage. I feel like that first milestone has been very indicative of our entire relationship with Emapta.”


Dedicated and Experienced Staff

“However, the biggest benefit we see in working with Emapta is the efficiency. The Emapta staff that work with MQMR are extremely dedicated and knowledgeable about the U.S. mortgage industry, and we’re able to rely on them to gather information, prepare our subject matter experts and support our team throughout our audits, resulting in a more comprehensive audit and higher customer satisfaction evidenced by our 1Q 2021 survey results of a 91 Net Promoter Score.”